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AFS Founder, Mauro Andriotto to be among the judges on this year’s Malta AI&BC Summit

We are incredibly glad to announce that Mauro Andriotto, Founder of Andriotto Financial Services (AFS), is honorably invited to be one of the six jury members in theAI & BC Summit Pitch Battle.


More about AI & BC Summit Pitch Battle

The event, seeking promising crypto and blockchain projects, is part of Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit 2019’s program.

The application process will be open until the 9th of October and the funding prize for the winner is 15 000 EUR worth in tokens based on the highest marks earned by the judges.

However, the potential winner needs to first cover a list of criteria: business model; scalability; team criteria; investors terms; liquidity criteria, as well as Token model and proceeds distribution.


Your blockchain project is the best? Then, fill in the AI & BC Summit Pitch Battle application form and compete for funding.


Who is Mauro Andriotto?

Ranked in TOP 20 on more than 55 000 advisors worldwide by ICO Bench, Mauro Andriotto is a leading consultant on blockchain and Security Token Offering (STO) worldwide.

Professor of Corporate Finance and Enterprise Risk Management, Cavour Corporate Finance’s Senior Advisor, and, ICO Advisor’s Founder are just a few other positions he gets on with.

Additionally,  Mr. Andriotto is an independent expert at the European Commission for Horizon 2020 (with €80 billions of funding), working on approving public grants up to €2.5 million for innovative and disruptive projects in the EU.

Lastly, AFS has built the first European exchange for digital assets, EDSX, a fully integrated issuance, trading and settlement infrastructure for transferring digital values with a completely free secondary market.


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