Andriotto Financial Services

Andriotto Financial Services (AFS) is a leading independent financial and crypto advisor. AFS provides one of the first security token marketplaces in the world.
Our team is also highly specialized in writing successful grant proposal and supporting clients during different implementation phases of projects. AFS evaluates and selects the best projects and enterprises around Europe to receive public funding.
AFS' team is formed by PhDs, MBAs, entrepreneurs, professors, bankers, engineers, big-4 consultants, executives, lawyers and other highly qualified professionals. Our commitment is to enrich society by delivering superior consulting and investment banking services.

Our values define who we are while influencing the way we serve our clients and how we do things.

  • We put the client’s interest first.
  • We are dedicated to delivering outcomes that align with and advance the goals of our clients. 
  • We think that nothing is more important than our reputation, so we always act with integrity and honesty.
  • We want to maintain our independence.
  • We bring innovations to create and sustain improvements.
  • Our proactive approach to innovation embodies our commitment to excellence.  
  • We want to have a role in helping capital markets to operate more effectively.
  • We want to exceed expectations delivering high-quality and competitively priced products and services.
  • We consider our people our main asset and we always aim at working with great partners and employees.
  • We set the highest standards of performance and we strive to create a winning culture.
  • We work with discipline, we execute with skill and urgency, and we sustain meritocracy.

Our Partners

Our client portfolio spans from start-ups to big corporations

We operate with a global perspective and we have carried on successful projects around the world.

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Thanks to a world-class team and to our network, AFS has an outstanding investor coverage

We are proud to be one of the few financial advisors to team up a unique combination of skills and strengths