Andriotto Financial Services



Financial advisor integrated with the first Swiss investment marketplace

About Andriotto Financial Services (AFS)

Our mission is to deliver superior consulting and investment banking services, combining solid expertise in the traditional financial world, solid business principles and the disruptive power of new technologies and innovations.

What We Do

At Andriotto Financial Services (AFS), we are able to provide a full range of services to successfully execute traditional and crypto corporate finance deals, to exploit public grant opportunities at European level and to successfully use math and quantitative methods to improve financial and corporate performance.

Innovative financing for Small Medium Enterprises and Corporations​

Blockchain projects with utility tokens.

M&A, Capital Markets and financial Advisory

European Union funding to start or scale a project

We build and test trading models pushing to the edge the market efficiency

Math rules the world!

Smart & Secure
Investment Marketplace

The first investment marketplace for security tokens.
Andriotto Financial Services (AFS) will be one of the first company worldwide to
implement an investment marketplace for primary and secondary offering of
security tokens.

Swiss Rules Compliant

The AFS investment marketplace will be strictly compliant to all the Swiss rules and regulations.

Swiss Authorities Licenses

AFS is in the process of requiring to the Swiss authorities all the necessary licenses.

Our Main Clients

Corporations, foundations and government entities

Small Medium Enterprises

Start working with us to raise capital and increase profits.