AFS Opens Up Venice – AFS’ Founder Mauro Andriotto was invited to an event in Venice, Italy hosted by Unioncamere del Veneto to introduce STO methodology and the upcoming digital asset exchange EDSX.

There Mr. Andriotto had the opportunity to introduce the methodology behind Security Token Offerings (STOs) – the way they work, as well as the benefits they bring to the modern economy. What is worth noting here, though, is that apparently, as Mr. Andriotto himself stated:

“Companies are more and more interested to understand the opportunities alternative capital markets channels provide…”


First, the presentation grabbed the attention of all attendants. Furthermore, it featured one of the first public previews of EDSX, the European Digital Asset Exchange. EDSX plans to soon offer public use for investing in digital assets like tokenised securities. However, more details on EDSX will be announced later as time passes.

In the event an important part took real investors from WEL which was a big plus for the companies that presented their products during the panel – speaking of the IOT-revolutionizing Bloomyt ( and Wel.


First, Venice and the previous AFS event in Zug discussed blockchain and digitalization. Furthermore, it’s obvious that blockchain and digitalization of securities is gaining serious traction. In addition, blockchain and digitalization are actively transforming fundraising in the financial world.

AFS Opens Up Venice

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