Andriotto Financial Services is proud to support INFI in the launching of an innovative entertainment platform perfectly formulated for emerging content creators, film-makers and audience worldwide!


INFI uses blockchain to power a unified platform for visual, sound, smart and creative needs. It allows smooth changes between different types of content.


INFI’s Features:

  • Watch high-quality, original video content from around the world on it’s Video On Demand vertical.
  • Listen to global top hits and therapeutic music on it’s Audio On Demand.
  • Switch to virtual reality, augmented reality, hybrid reality to enter an entirely new dimension for cutting edge personal, professional, and gaming needs.
  • Control digital home appliances through artificial intelligence powered home and office automation.


INFI’s Team:

Kashif Khan, CEO

Salim Merchant

Mauro Andriotto


Check out the Sci-fi Hollywood Movie “The Electric Man”

We strongly believe in the ambitious project that had premiered on February 26th at the TCL Chinese Theatre, Hollywood – Los Angeles.

Here’s the Trailer:


Know me better: Kashif Khan

Kashif Khan is an accomplished writer, director and producer based in London. To date, he has produced and directed acclaimed films and documentaries across various genres in USA, Europe, Mid-East and Asia. He started off his career as a broadcaster in BBC Current Affairs, London and later diversified into mainstream cinema getting intimately involved in the film-making and financing process. His work credits include major films and documentaries that have garnered commercial and critical acclaim across all exhibition windows. He is a graduate from prominent film schools i.e. NYFA-Los Angeles, Middlesex University-London and Universal Studios-Hollywood.

Last year, Amazon Prime released two of his films. Moreover, the upcoming film “The Electric Man” is a double winner in the International Motion Picture Awards with wins for Best Director (B. Luciano Barsuglia) and Best Actor (Jed Rowen). These great accomplishments are to be added to the three wins at the Vegas Movie Awards with Best Support Actor (Tom Sizemore), Best Director (B. Luciano Barsuglia), and Best Sci-Fi film. So far, the film has won 16 awards at 15 film festivals, including the Golden Harvest Festival in Japan.

Kashif co-produces the anticipated thriller ‘The Amber Road‘ with an American star cast led by Robert Lasardo and Tom Sizemore. Others in the gorefest action include Vernon Wells.


The Electric Man

When Trace McNeil experiences a 12,000 volt shock, his life becomes a psychedelic blur of reality and fantasy in this science fiction drama.”

Jed Rowen is known for his work on The Ghastly Love of Johnny X (2012), Blind (2019) and Pretty Boy (2021).

Rachel Riley is an actress and producer, known for The Electric Man (2022), Rise of the Dinosaurs (2013) and Jurassic City (2015).

Tanamin Clark is an actor, known for Impact Event (2018), The Electric Man (2022) and Social Distance (2020).

Tom Sizemore rose in prominence throughout the 1990s, establishing himself as a memorable tough-guy actor. In fact, he’s been sought by the most respected directors in the business. Known for  Guilty by Suspicion (1991), True Romance (1993), Striking Distance (1993). In 1995, he appeared in Devil in a Blue Dress (1995), Strange Days (1995), as well as the acclaimed crime epic Heat (1995), directed by Michael Mann. Moreover, Sizemore’s first big leading role is in The Relic (1997), the big-budget effects thriller directed by Peter Hyams. Sizemore chose the role of “Sergeant Horvath” in Saving Private Ryan (1998), and portrayed some other roles in Bringing Out the Dead (1999) directed by Martin Scorsese, Play It to the Bone (1999), Red Planet (2000), and Pearl Harbor (2001). He then received another leading role in the high-profile military drama Black Hawk Down (2001) directed by yet another legendary director, Ridley Scott.

Eric Roberts is an Academy Award nominee for his role in Runaway Train, and a three-time Golden Globe nominee for Runaway Train, Star 80, and King of the Gypsies.


A success!

2nd Place at the December 2021 edition of the “Vegas Movie Awards


Some of the reviews on IMDb


Coming Soon: The Amber Road

From IMDb:

This is a highly awaited action thriller tale filled with twists and turns in a world where nothing is as it seems. A couple find themselves imprisoned by a serial killer driven by the demands and depravity of individuals finding a community on the dark web.

Here’s the mid-shot Teaser Trailer of the upcoming movie!


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