Andriotto Financial Services is very pleased to support Empath Design during their journey with the Horizon Europe programme!

About the company:

Empath Design Factory helps create mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their customers.

empath design


empath designThey have created the first social identification code that brings together owners of the same product. Thanks to this innovation, it is possible to turn consumers into real time solution agents in the first marketplace for the exchange of solutions between consumers who have the same product.


Through a simple and immediate tool, OUR Gear Club, users struggling with their common goods will never be alone!

OUR Gear Club aims to create a global community of consumers able to communicate and find solutions together.

What is the goal?

The goal is to solve a persistent communication problem between manufacturers and their consumers that results in:

  • Inefficient use of resources in companies
  • Misuse of products
  • Frustration in users

What is the problem?

Durable goods have increasingly shorter life cycles and are increasingly technically complex. This increases the need for companies to have more efficient customer relationship channels throughout the entire life cycle of a product. While companies around the world are spending more and more money on customer service, the number of dissatisfied consumers with the customer service channels does not decrease.

What is the solution?

Using cutting-edge techniques and technologies the company intends to face technical and socially complex problems from an holistic perspective:

  •  Users with doubts will save time by avoiding spending time searching the internet, reading manuals, filtering opinions in forums or contacting the brand’s contact center.
  • Companies will reduce costs in after-sales solutions, agents and response robots, always based on a pre-established knowledge base that fails to satisfy customers.

What is the vision?

Contributing to a more sustainable world where companies produce durable goods more suited to the real needs of consumers and where consumers make better use of these products.

By enabling this channel of mutual aid, customers will save time and organizations will save costs. If customers help each other to solve their doubts, they will make less use of the customer service centers.

“A 1% improvement in solving customer demands at the first time $ 276,000 in annual operational savings in costs in Call Centers on average”. (SQM Group).

Know the Team:

Luis André

Picture of a men. Grey hair and beard and wearing a white shirt.

Luis believes in the power of spontaneous expressions and their power to positively transform reality. His first technology-based project, ASOMO, became finalist of the Euroward Innovation Prize in 2001 for bringing up the importance of monitoring consumers’ conversations. Today, he runs EMPATH DESIGN company and has provided Active Listening services internationally for Philips, Coca-Cola, Nintendo, IKEA or Swatch. He has led teams for up to 50 people.


Mercedes Echevarri

Picture of a woman. She has short hair and is wearing a dark blazer.

Mercedes is a passionate service-oriented player. She has been working together with Luis for the last 15 years in active listening projects. Mercedes has great commercial experience making partnerships, communicating in presentations and is able to lead fluently wide projects internationally. She has provided service in the consumer experience field for diverse organizations such as Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Tourist Boards, Procter&Gamble, SEAT, or The Coca-Cola Company, among others.

Development: Alfredo Urrutia, José Francisco Vaquero, Javier Molina

Software development, technology for architecture, solution design and user experience. Each in their competences within the Development team, they have extensive experience working as team leaders in the development and integration of information technology solutions in large consumer companies: Nintendo, Swatch or Coca-Cola, among others.

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empath design

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