“Obortech, a unified communication and data exchange hub underpinned by blockchain and IoT for supply-chain.”


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OBORTECH is one of the companies that Andriotto Financial Services has consulted and helped develop. AFS’s CEO, Mauro Andriotto, has thus joined OBORTECH advisory board.


Obortech will be soon presented to the European Commission under one of the main financing programmes and recently has raised $600k through an Initial Exchange Offering on Probit!

An overview:

Supply-chain industries have multiple actors with a variety of technical capacities; yet most of them don’t have stable technical capacity to develop and maintain their communication and data in an efficient way, due to a lack of skilled IT experts, outdated technology, and inefficient business models the overall sector is struggling with complicated and costly logistics procedures.

The creation of a simple and efficient communication and data hub built on a trusted platform that everyone can use regardless of their technical capacity and knowledge will solve complications and bring significant cost benefits to the sector.

Founded in 2020 in Tallin, Estonia, OBORTECH is an easy-to-participate and simple-to-use unified communication and data exchange hub underpinned by blockchain and IoT for supply-chain.

Sector of expertise: Transportation, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Big Data, Logistics, supply chain, Smart hub, Cloud e Smart.

The Website:


OBORTECH – whitepaper



What does the smart hub offer?


How does it work?


Decentralized Data

Each blockchain network of the Smart Hub has two types of actors: Member organization and Host organization. Nodes will be distributed among Host and Member organizations. Supply chain data will be submitted based on consensus among the nodes in the blockchain network. Each organization independently controls its data privacy via Hyperledger Fabric’s powerful security features.

Permissioned Onboarding

The Smart Hub members themselves are the governing bodies of the network. Before joining, every new member in any supply chain network of the Smart Hub needs to be invited and approved by existing members of that supply chain network in the Smart Hub. Host organizations create each supply chain network in the Smart Hub, design its data structure, and invite initial members.

Simple Interface

It has all-in-one with a simple scrolling interface similar to social networking apps. So, it will be easy to know who submitted what data and to interact with others via familiar user experience. All key events and information you received from others in the Smart Hub will be registered on a tamper-proof blockchain ledger.

Fully Customizable

The Smart Hub’s data design and structure are fully customizable. It can be used in various supply chain environments. The Smart Hub has a built-in form builder for structured data and documents. Host organizations can design suitable data structures for its supply chain ecosystem and ask voting from member organizations via decentralized governance mechanisms.

Real-Time Notifications

The Smart Hub has a fully customizable notification system for all your events and actions in the platform. Similar to notifications in social networking apps, you’ll get real-time notifications of various events, such as new events, document acceptance, comments, alerts by IoT sensors, new member joining, etc. The notifications will come to you via mobile and web apps, email, and sms.

IoT Connectivity

Connecting IoT with the Smart Hub is simple with few clicks. IoT sensors can monitor various physical conditions and environments of products in real-time, such as temperature, humidity, location, shock, sealing, etc. OBORTECH partners with industry leading IoT solution providers. With the Smart Hub, you don’t have to manage IoT technologies separately. All come with a one-stop solution.


Competitive advantages

(From the whitepaper)

OBORTECH’s competitive advantages in terms of creating new opportunities to SME participants of inland transportation supply chain are:

  • Location and market knowledge

As OBORTECH’s founders include experienced freight forwarders to China and Europe, the company has in-depth knowledge of its target market including its constraints and opportunities. Being the front runner, the project has set up partnerships with government organizations and transportation companies in Mongolia, which is a midpoint location for Euro-Asian inland transport. Moreover, inland transportation route from Europe through Mongolia is the shortest route to the biggest importing/exporting country in Asia, which is China. As of now, the project has offices in Estonia and Mongolia, established partnerships in the Netherlands, Australia and Mongolia, and is discussing partnerships with companies in Estonia and Germany.

  • Scalability (a network effect)

OBORTECH aims to make the Smart hub as simple as social networking apps and focus only on core information flow among supply chain participants. Unlike centralized systems, users themselves will have more control over the network, lead its adoption, and benefit from the revenue stream. The Smart hub is capable of expanding markets and acquiring more customers without being hampered by its structure or available resources when faced with increased demand. Similar to other systems such as Facebook or WeChat, once the Smart hub is joined by initial participants, they would become anchors to involve others to the network. The Smart hub is designed the way that outsiders have to join the hub to be able to communicate with its users, which will create a snowball effect.

  • Switching costs

The Smart hub can handle and store business data and transaction histories for as many participants on its secure and trusted platform. It gathers this data, which participants can then use for further business analytics and interactions. As more players join the network, it creates useful big data for its participants, saving them time and cost.

Thus, once joined, the network members wouldn’t easily switch into other platforms to re-learn the experience.



  1. We’ve received requests from over 20 organizations to participate in our beta testing. Those were organic food manufactures, poultry farm, cosmetic product producers, freight forwarding and logistics companies, insurance firms, micro-finance institutions, etc.
  2. We became Top 6 projects by Microsoft’s Century program from 500 applications.
  3. We’ve been selected and accepted by Newchip Accelerator, the #1 Remote Accelerator based in USA, from 1400 applications.
  4. We certified as an accredited member of The International Trade Council (ITC). ITC has 29,000 members worldwide including governmental & business organizations.
  5. We became “Company of the Year 2021” by LogisticsTechOutlook magazine.
  6. We partnered with Onomondo (IoT solution provider for Maersk, the largest ocean carrier in the world).
  7. We partnered with various international associations and logistics companies.
    See our website’s Partners section: www.obortech.io.


Road Map:




The Team:

  • Tamir Baasanjav, CEO and Founder

Specializing in project management and strategic communication, he has worked in managerial and expert positions for prestigious international organizations such as an agency funded by the U.S. Government focusing on transportation and energy efficiency, the Knowledge Hub project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in sustainable mining, and Mongolia’s largest corporate bank. With a decade of experience in UX and product design under his belt, some of his past achievements include winning a global product design contest hosted by Adidas. His varied roles across industries and sectors demonstrate an ability to drive initiatives to completion through multifaceted expertise in bringing ideas to life across business, development, and consumer-facing areas.

Role in the project: He designed the Smart hub concept and its business strategy. He manages the project and leads the product design and marketing/communication.

  • Enkhbat Dorjsuren, Logistics Lead and Co-founder

With two decades of experience in the logistics and transportation sector, he currently serves as CEO of Mongolian Express LLC, one of the largest inland transport and logistics companies in Mongolia. He has built an extensive network within Mongolia’s transportation and logistics industry over his long career. Through his leadership role and professional relationships, he offers valuable insight into navigating this integral sector with expertise hard-earned over 20 years actively working within it.

Role in the project: He established the project’s partnerships in the transportation sector and leads partnership development in Mongolia and Euro-Asia.

  • Tungalag Sukhbat CFA, CFO

With a career spanning two decades in the finance and investment industry, she has broad expertise across strategic and financial consulting, central banking, corporate banking, asset management, and multilateral development programs. Having worked in multiple domains in both managerial and expert positions, she brings a wealth of specialized knowledge as well as experience guiding large initiatives. Holding the prestigious CFA Charter attained in the UK, she maintains active membership in the CFA Institute, reflecting the highest standards of professional accomplishment and ethics in her field. Moreover, she is a Certified Business Appraiser of Mongolia.

Role in the project: She developed the business plan as well as financial modelling and analysis of the project. She leads financial management and analysis of the project.

  • Zoljargal Dashnyam, Chief Counsel

She has extensive experience in corporate law and private equity. Her portfolio of clients includes investment banks, multinationals, mining companies, and investment funds. She graduated Harvard Law School with a Master of Laws as well as she is ranked as a top-tier lawyer in Mongolia for 9 years. She is a Senior Partner of the leading law firm in Mongolia, DB&GTS LLP.

Role in the project: She is in charge of the governance model development of the Smart hub and legal activities of the project.

  • Alok Gupta, Blockchain Architect

He is a certified blockchain developer with over 12 years of experience in application development and deep knowledge of Hyperledger Fabric architecture and functionalities. He was in the top 5% of the Blockchain Architecture Design course conducted by IBM and IIT, a top technology institute in India.

Role in the project: He developed the blockchain architecture and application of the prototype system. He leads the blockchain (Hyperledger) architecture and application development of the project.

  • Maxim Prishchepo, Blockchain Architect

As a blockchain architect with over six years’ experience, he is uniquely qualified to analyze cryptocurrency banking and finance solutions. He has worked as a core developer and architect for Energi, 0chain, and Wagerr. This brings deep insights from architecting blockchain projects from the ground up. With a history of designing large-scale systems, he pioneered blockchain technologies. His experience positions him well to strategically advise on decentralized finance. His main areas of specialization are Bitcoin, Ethereum, PIVX, ZCash and other open source based blockchain solutions.

Role in the project: He developed the Ethereum smart contract of the project. He leads the token payment system and Ethereum blockchain development of the project.

  • Mauro Andriotto, Advisor

He is recognized internationally as a leader in blockchain and Security Token Offerings. Currently, he serves as a professor of Corporate Finance at the University of Geneva – UBIS. Previously, he was the quantitative leader for EY in South Europe. Now he acts as an Independent Expert approving public grants for startups at the European Commission under Horizon 2020. With experience advising on market growth and fundraising in Europe, he lends strategic guidance to projects on navigating opportunities on the continent. Bringing together expertise in both academia and industry, he offers a unique perspective informed by achievements at the highest levels.

  • Garry Pinder, Advisor

He is a Managing Director of Intermodal Solutions Group (ISG). ISG is a global company supplying container rotation systems for the mining, grain and ship loading industries. It operates in 12 countries and has a wide network of clients based in the South American region. He advises the project on South American market of containerized transportation of agricultural and mining products.

  • Al Ewers, Advisor

He is as crytopgraph Pioneer with multiple exits as well as the Chairman of Potrero Capital. Founding member of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society, Architect of the 1st Billion Euro Crypto Floats. Specialized in strategic business development, consulting for start-ups, global 500 companies and NGO’s. He and Potrero Capital advise the project in fundraising from Silicon Valley investors and development of strategic partnerships globally.



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