Mauro Andriotto, CEO of Andriotto Financial Services and Founder of the European Digital Assets Exchange platform (EDSX) is one of the new Innosuisse Experts. The mandate has the duration of two years.


What is Innosuisse?

Innosuisse is the Swiss Federal Agency for investments and innovation that supports science-based innovation in the interest of the economy and society through: innovation projects, support for start-ups, internationalisation and networking support.


The experts come from various backgrounds and must have considerable expertise in the area of scientific innovation. Moreover, they must demonstrate skills in scientific research and the ability to evaluate innovative projects, especially in start-ups. Also, the experts’ main professional activity must pertain to scientific innovation.


The Innosuisse Innovation Council selects the experts and proposes their names to the Board of Directors before they are finally elected.




About Andriotto Financial Services (AFS):


  • Andriotto Financial Services’ team is an official advisor of the European Commission for Horizon Europe.
  • AFS has a Centre of Excellence in Switzerland with some of the most skilled EU grant specialists, writing successful proposals and supporting clients during different implementation phases of projects.
  • AFS evaluates and selects the best projects and enterprises around Europe to receive public funding.
  • Our client portfolio includes some of the most important public institutions in Italy and in Europe.
  • Participating in Horizon Europe is an ambitious challenge. AFS has one of the highest success rates amongst our European competitors.


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