The exciting news around Andriotto Financial Services (AFS) never stop coming! This time, we are extremely pleased to announce that our founder, Mauro Andriotto, is the key speaker at BLOCKCHAIN TECH Talks by Innovation Factory.

The event will happen in Porcia (Italy) on the 25th of September 2019. Its key purpose is to establish that disruptive technology is not just about cryptocurrencies, but it can benefit several other fields and industries.

About Electrolux Innovation Factory

The Innovation Factory is an inspiring workspace. It is also a flexible lab. The space is designed to accelerate innovation. The Innovation Factory does this within Electrolux. It speeds innovation from a product viewpoint. It also hastens innovation from a process view.

Further, the collaborative program BLOCKCHAIN TECH Talks aims to meet Electrolux’ employees and selected external ecosystems (from consolidated partners to non-conventional players) and enable them to CREATE, PARTAKE and ACCELERATE innovation together.

The official website of Electrolux Innovation Factory


About Mauro Andriotto

Backed by solid expertise in Finance and Risk management, Mauro Andriotto has already made a serious request to be one of the most brilliant Blockchain & STO (Security Token Offering) experts in the world. Additionally, he is ranked in Top 20 on more than 55 000 advisors worldwide by ICO Bench.

Mauro is the founder as well as the CEO of Andriotto Financial Services. AFS is an independent financial boutique and crypto advisor. The firm aims to provide investment banking securities. It also offers top-notch investment management services. AFS joins trustworthy expertise in traditional finances. The company applies solid business principles. It leverages disruptive technologies and innovations.

Presently, AFS has built EDSX – the first European exchange for digital assets, representing a fully integrated issuance, trading and settlement infrastructure for transferring digital values with a completely free secondary market.

mauro andriotto is key speaker

At AFS, we are passionate about fostering innovation and empowering ambitious minds to flourish. Our mission is to provide best-in-class financial services for traditional and crypto deals, exploit European grants, and use quantitative methods to improve clients’ performance. We aim to help our customers unlock their full business potential.

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