Meet AFS on Blockercon 2019, Bristol’s Biggest Blockchain event (

The event will be held on 04-06/06 in London, UK. Attendants will have the opportunity to meet Andriotto Financial Services.

As official equity partners of the Swiss multi-million AFS will be represented on the event by our Founder, Mauro Andriotto. Specifically, on 05/06 @ 3:20pm, he will give a speech on the financing problems of SMEs and the numerous valuable opportunities STOs provide.

The panel will cover topics including how STOs are done, what are the steps, what is the timing, what are the Pros and Cons compared to traditional financing models. For all attendees Mr. Andriotto has also prepared some intriguing business cases to put on the table.

Come meet AFS on: Blockercon 2019.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Meet AFS on: Blockercon

About Andriotto Financial Services (AFS):

  • Andriotto Financial Services’ team is an official advisor of the European Commission for Horizon Europe.
  • AFS has a Centre of Excellence in Switzerland with some of the most skilled EU grant specialists, writing successful proposals and supporting clients during different implementation phases of projects.
  • AFS evaluates and selects the best projects and enterprises around Europe to receive public funding.
  • Our client portfolio includes some of the most important public institutions in Italy and in Europe.
  • Participating in Horizon Europe is an ambitious challenge. AFS has one of the highest success rates amongst our European competitors.


At AFS, we are passionate about fostering innovation and empowering ambitious minds to flourish. Our mission is to provide best-in-class financial services for traditional and crypto deals, exploit European grants, and use quantitative methods to improve clients’ performance. We aim to help our customers unlock their full business potential.

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