Andriotto Financial Services

Small and medium-sized enterprises, corporations and emerging companies: we commit people, capital and ideas to deliver strategic advice and solutions to our clients on buying and selling businesses, capital raising and risk management, which enables them to grow.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

AFS advises its clients by supplying innovative and tailor-made services evaluating internal and external key success factors. We strive to provide best-in-class advice and execution excellence on the most complex transactions across products and markets in order to help our clients grow.

AFS excels in domestic and international transactions including acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, joint ventures, corporate restructurings, private equity, management buyout (MBO), management buy-in (MBI), recapitalizations, spin-offs and leveraged buyouts (LBO/MBO/MBI) and shareholder relations (generation handover, lack of succession or any divergence between shareholders).

Equity & Debt Capital Markets

Equity & Debt origination may represent a “mission critical” process where previous experience and a world-class team are essential for a successful deal. Our team works to develop tailored finance solutions designed to meet our clients’ specific business, investment or capital raising needs, leveraging distinct combination of industry knowledge as well as structuring and capital markets expertise.

We have also experience with corporate succession, managing critical situations related to turnarounds, divergence between shareholders and generation handover.


AFS works with public and private companies to originate, structure and execute:

  • Initial Public Offerings – IPO;
  • Follow-on;
  • Convertible issues;
  • Delisting.

AFS serves middle market clients to originate, structure and execute public and private placement. We work directly with issuers advising on debt financing strategies from plain vanilla financings to liability management advice, structured finance and hedging and derivatives transactions.

Financial advisory

With an academic background and an extensive experience, we bring years of valuation expertise and insight to assist our clients in understanding the value of their business. AFS can provide specific financial consulting services for a wide range of sectors:

  • Fairness opinion;
  • Financial and business due diligence;
  • Dispute resolution consulting;
  • Portfolio valuation;
  • Transaction opinions;
  • Real estate valuation

How we work

We take care of all the delicate issues surrounding the deal.

  • Motivations
  • Option evaluation
  • Business continuity
  • Personal and familiar aspects
  • Expectations and interests
  • Industrial, strategic, legal and financial aspects
  • Costs, planning, timeline
  • Analysis of the formal requirements for listing (origination)

We conduct a review of company financials, history, SWOT Analysis, Organization Charts, and other factors to determine the overall health, value and direction of the company. M&A Buy side We aim at understanding the best fit with potential candidates. Sell side We look at understanding the value of the company, highlighting its opportunities and strengths with the aim to maximize its potential valuation

We work on the main documents of the deal and we coordinate with the legal team and with the other advisors.


Our assets include some of the most advanced databases on the market. We can research the best counterparts, help our clients during the negotiation phases and also provide business and financial due diligence. M&A During the research phase we can count on an international network of partners. We support the client to define a possible transaction structure and a negotiation strategy. Origination We carefully select the financial intermediaries that will participate in the deal to ensure the best syndicate and investor coverage.

M&A Buy side We assist clients with transactional issues and integration. Sell side We understand the main goals of our clients and we help to achieve them, internally or through our partners. Origination We help clients in structuring an investor relations function and support the aftermarket performance through an effective communication.