Andriotto Financial Services

We provide a full range of services to successfully launch an ICO worldwide.


First, we run a deep feasibility study to have a clear view of the chance to succeed. We cover all main areas, from the inception to the token listing. We only onboard high-quality projects that we evaluate based on 10 points:


  1. Solid business model
  2. Skilled and experienced team
  3. Disruptive project and decentralization
  4. Intellectual Property Right (IPR) strategy
  5. Existence of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  6. Presence of a community or plan to acquire it
  7. Use of blockchain
  8. Financial token model and token economics
  9. Proof of concept
  10. Risk management

How we work

We define the goals, budget and timeline. Then, we create a successful strategy to carry on the ICO. If we are analyzing an existing project, we create a data room and we run a full due diligence of the entire project.

We analyze the team composition and optimize the business model. We also review the economic assumptions, the token economics and the financial structure of the token. In some cases, we need to build a microeconomic model and run a Monte Carlo simulation in order to analyze different scenarios.

We legally assess the project on different areas:


  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • Token agreement
  • Legal framework of the issuing country
  • Relationship with the market authorities (SEC, FINMA, MSFA, etc.)
  • Legal audit of the documentation (e.g., White Paper)
  • KYC/AML procedures

We help our clients with the core development of the project by:


  • Assessing the use of the blockchain and the disruptive potential;
  • Selecting the right technology, the blockchain and developing the smart contracts; and
  • Building the front end, the platform and a Minimum Viable Product – MVP.

We believe that most of the marketing budget must be directed to the final community. Usually, we create a marketing plan and we execute it on different channels:

  • Publications;
  • Social channels;
  • Airdrops;
  • Bounty programs;
  • Emails;
  • ICO directories;
  • Blogs, crypto enthusiasts and AFS network.

We support the project during the fundraising with our extensive worldwide network of investors. Also, we organize roadshows and investor round tables helping clients during all the negotiation phases. In addition, we can take care of the problems regarding the fiat-crypto conversion.