Andriotto Financial Services

#AmazingProjects: let’s talk about “Empath Design”

Andriotto Financial Services is very pleased to support Empath Design during their journey with the Horizon Europe programme! About the company: Empath Design Factory helps create mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their customers.   They have created the first social identification code that brings together owners of the same product. Thanks to this innovation, it… Continue reading #AmazingProjects: let’s talk about “Empath Design”

The EIC Impact Report 2021: The EIC Community

  The EIC Community Platform gathers the largest innovation community of its kind in Europe. It is an ensemble of people working across all fields and disruptive innovation areas Through the EIC Community, corporates, procurers, investors and other partners can access 5500+ quality stamped companies and more than 408 innovation-driven research teams from all around… Continue reading The EIC Impact Report 2021: The EIC Community