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#AmazingProjects: let’s talk about “NTR Biosensor”

The idea behind NTR BIOSENSORS was born from a personal experience of the entrepreneurial team: new technologies to rehabilitate and reduce the danger of new injuries.  An idea born from patients, for patients.    NTR BIOSENSORS introduces dynamic load monitoring applied to the injured limb. Our aim is to avoid post trauma injuries related to… Continue reading #AmazingProjects: let’s talk about “NTR Biosensor”

#AmazingProjects: let’s talk about “Empath Design” Andriotto Financial Services is very pleased to support Empath Design during their journey with the Horizon Europe programme!  About the company:  Empath Design Factory helps create mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their customers.    They have created the first social identification code that brings together owners of the same product. Thanks to this innovation,… Continue reading #AmazingProjects: let’s talk about “Empath Design”

What makes a start-up truly innovative?

In its core practice AFS has come across dozens of start-ups of all sorts and makes. Some truly successful, some just about to make it, some lacking, the vast expanse of mediocre ones and last-but-not-least truly odd ones. We often ask ourselves the question what makes a start-up make it. This is a million-euro question… Continue reading What makes a start-up truly innovative?