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7 Rules for Crypto Investments

Understanding the 7 rules for crypto is key to being successful in token investments and trading. It requires rules and discipline to follow them. Side or background features often distract people, and they forget that it all boils down to a cool-headed analysis of the pros and cons for any investment. There are actually many… Continue reading 7 Rules for Crypto Investments

Alternative Business Financing

If you are reading this article, it is likely you have exhausted traditional funding options for your business as VCs, angel investors, and friends and family have not provided capital. Securing financing can be extremely challenging given today’s economic environment with cut-throat competition among startups. However, alternate business financing options exist for entrepreneurs struggling to… Continue reading Alternative Business Financing

Why Successful Businesses Need Advisory Boards

  It is important for even the most successful businesses to understand why they need advisory boards. It is easy to overestimate a company’s capabilities and assume it can overcome every market change. Even the smartest entrepreneurs can lose perspective when emotionally invested. This is why successful businesses need advisory – an advisory board of… Continue reading Why Successful Businesses Need Advisory Boards

The Future of VCs: The Rise of ICO, IEO and STO

While terms like ICOs, IEOs, and STOs relate to cryptocurrency fundraising, they differ significantly in their methods while sharing one key trait – they vary from traditional vencture capital (VC) approaches. As these new models continue gaining popularity among startups, some analysts question what implications they may have on shaping the future of VCs. With… Continue reading The Future of VCs: The Rise of ICO, IEO and STO

AFS Opens Up Venice to STO and EDSX

AFS Opens Up Venice – AFS’ Founder Mauro Andriotto was invited to an event in Venice, Italy hosted by Unioncamere del Veneto to introduce STO methodology and the upcoming digital asset exchange EDSX. There Mr. Andriotto had the opportunity to introduce the methodology behind Security Token Offerings (STOs) – the way they work, as well… Continue reading AFS Opens Up Venice to STO and EDSX

Presenting the future of Blockchain Event

  At the end of this month, from 25 to 30 June 2019, for the first time in Italy will take place the largest event dedicated to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology – Italia Blockchain Week Rome. Offering a meeting point for all the players in this sector, from companies to enthusiasts, from… Continue reading Presenting the future of Blockchain Event