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#AmazingProjects: let’s talk about “1less” “1Less brings the ease of single-use into re-use to reduce plastic waste for good.”   ABOUT THE COMPANY 1Less is a Berlin-based start-up that has the mission to fight plastic waste. To do so, 1Less developed a special system to help solve the single-use plastic problem, particularly at large events, trade fairs and shopping… Continue reading #AmazingProjects: let’s talk about “1less”

Update on EIC Accelerator Implementation Process

  Let’s take a look at this writing and see how we can clean it up a bit while keeping the personality. I’ll first read through for overall flow and coherence. Then I’ll do another pass focusing on: Grammar, spelling, punctuation – I’ll check for any errors and fix them without losing the cadence of… Continue reading Update on EIC Accelerator Implementation Process