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ESG Initiatives and Shareholder Value Creation: Two Key Factors

A significant critique of corporate sustainability has historically been its perceived prioritization over shareholders’ interests. This prioritisation potentially conflicts with managers’ fiduciary duty. However, in 2016, Professors Aaron Yoon, George Serafeim, and Mozaffar Khan published the paper “Corporate Sustainability: First Evidence on Materiality” that began to challenge this notion. The research demonstrated that considering financially… Continue reading ESG Initiatives and Shareholder Value Creation: Two Key Factors

#AmazingProjects: let’s talk about “1less” “1Less brings the ease of single-use into re-use to reduce plastic waste for good.”   ABOUT THE COMPANY 1Less is a Berlin-based start-up that has the mission to fight plastic waste. To do so, 1Less developed a special system to help solve the single-use plastic problem, particularly at large events, trade fairs and shopping… Continue reading #AmazingProjects: let’s talk about “1less”

EIC Greenhouse Gas Programme

  All EIC supported projects and companies get access to coaching, mentoring, partnering and other EIC Business Acceleration Services In addition to the coaching & training and access to corporates, investors and procurers, EIC-supported researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs have access to the EIC Greenhouse Gas (EIC GHG) programme. With the EIC GHG programme, part of… Continue reading EIC Greenhouse Gas Programme

#AmazingProjects: let’s talk about “RVmagnetics”

ABOUT THE COMPANY RVmagnetics is R&D company that developed the smallest passive sensor in the world based on MicroWire. Scope of our work lays in prototyping and customization. Company is based in Slovakia, European Union. Company was established in 2015 by prof. Rastislav Varga and since this date has been organically growing to meet the… Continue reading #AmazingProjects: let’s talk about “RVmagnetics”