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Revised EIC Investment Guidelines (2022): 2. INVESTMENT CHARACTERISTICS

This is the post number two of a series that explains the revised EIC Investment Guidelines. We focus on Characteristic of Investment. The Investment Guidelines have been updated to provide more clarity to applicants and to reflect recent changes in the management of the EIC Fund and will remain in place until the end of 2022.… Continue reading Revised EIC Investment Guidelines (2022): 2. INVESTMENT CHARACTERISTICS

EIC: Business Acceleration Services

  All EIC supported projects and companies get access to coaching, mentoring, partnering and other EIC Business Acceleration Services Under Horizon Europe, the EIC support goes far beyond funding and it aims at accelerating EIC innovations and growth of top deep tech companies. Access to a range of tailor-made EIC Business Acceleration Services will… Continue reading EIC: Business Acceleration Services

Individual Evaluation Report(IER) to assess the EIC Proposal

Individual Evaluation Report or IER is the model on which the evaluation of the individual proposal dedicated to the EIC Accelerator is based.  Basically, the European Innovation Council has prepared an evaluation grid based on 5 main applications: Operational Capacity, Sub-contracting, Technical Readiness Level (TRL), Use of embryonic stem cells (hESC) and Scope of the… Continue reading Individual Evaluation Report(IER) to assess the EIC Proposal

Work Packages in EIC Horizon Applications

When it comes to EIC Horizon project, the concept of work packages is central. Work packages provide important information when preparing the Horizon Project Proposal and budget and project evaluators assess them as a key area. What is Work Package? A work package is the smallest unit of a Work Breakdown Structure. When preparing a… Continue reading Work Packages in EIC Horizon Applications

TRL in the EIC Accelerator and its Importance

EIC Accelerator helps you develop your business concept further into a market-ready product, service or process aligned with your company’s growth strategy. Activities could include trials, prototyping, validation, demonstration and testing in real-world conditions, and market replication. The suitable Technology Readiness Level (TRL) for projects requesting only grants in the EIC Accelerator is 6-8. Projects… Continue reading TRL in the EIC Accelerator and its Importance

Importance of Value Proposition Canvas

The importance of value proposition canvas is that it helps companies position innovations around customer values and needs. Developed by Osterwalder, it ensures fit between products and markets. It examines relationships between segments and propositions in the Business Model Canvas. The canvas helps assess fit between propositions and customer needs. At AFS this is a… Continue reading Importance of Value Proposition Canvas

Innovation Advisory Business

Why we decide we are an innovation advisory business seeking to provide innovative startup advice at cost and align on success THE CORPORATE INVESTMENT TIMES MAY 2020 | WORLD‘S TOP NEXTGEN INVESTMENT MAGAZINE USHERING THE NEXTGEN AFS is a innovation advisory business specializing in consulting services and execution for innovative small and medium enterprises… Continue reading Innovation Advisory Business

What is an Innovative Start-Up?

In its core practice AFS has come across dozens of start-ups of all sorts and makes. Some truly successful, some just about to make it, some lacking, the vast expanse of mediocre ones and last-but-not-least truly odd ones. We often ask ourselves the question what is an innovative start-up and what makes it earn funding.… Continue reading What is an Innovative Start-Up?

What is Innovation?

In order to determine whether the EIC Horizon Accelerator programme is for you, you need a crystal clear definition of innovation. This is not only necessary if you deliberate whether to apply or not under the guidelines. Having a clear understanding of definition and mapping your start-up against it will make you clearly understand whether… Continue reading What is Innovation?

Key to EIC Success with Proposals

Being concise, yet effectively communicating operational capacity, is key to EIC success. Word limits on proposals require applicants to cover all points succinctly within established parameters on the submission platform. The applicant organization and partnered groups must possess the ability to carry out the proposed project. Proposals need to demonstrate this operational capacity through factual… Continue reading Key to EIC Success with Proposals