Andriotto Financial Services

Importance of Value Proposition Canvas

The importance of value proposition canvas is that it helps companies position innovations around customer values and needs. Developed by Osterwalder, it ensures fit between products and markets. It examines relationships between segments and propositions in the Business Model Canvas. The canvas helps assess fit between propositions and customer needs. At AFS this is a… Continue reading Importance of Value Proposition Canvas

Innovation Advisory Business

Why we decide we are an innovation advisory business seeking to provide innovative startup advice at cost and align on success THE CORPORATE INVESTMENT TIMES MAY 2020 | WORLD‘S TOP NEXTGEN INVESTMENT MAGAZINE USHERING THE NEXTGEN AFS is a innovation advisory business specializing in consulting services and execution for innovative small and medium enterprises… Continue reading Innovation Advisory Business

What is an Innovative Start-Up?

In its core practice AFS has come across dozens of start-ups of all sorts and makes. Some truly successful, some just about to make it, some lacking, the vast expanse of mediocre ones and last-but-not-least truly odd ones. We often ask ourselves the question what is an innovative start-up and what makes it earn funding.… Continue reading What is an Innovative Start-Up?